Stereo Width Control

Stereo Width Control is an Audio Unit plugin that allows you to increase or decrease the stereo width of 4 adjustable frequency bands. Mastering engineers use it to ensure that the bass frequencies of the kick drum and bass instruments stay tightly focused in the centre channel while a keeping spacious stereo image in the mid range frequencies.
Stereo Width Control operates with your choice of 1 to 4 separate bands. Each band has a solo control, used to audition that band on its own while you adjust its frequency range and stereo width setting.
In the lower right is a stereo vectorscope graph that is helpful for visualising the volume and stereo width of your tracks.


Up to four bands of separate stereo width control.

Uses mid-side processing to increase or decrease stereo width.

Includes a vectorscope for visualising stereo mix problems.

Scales seamlessly to any screen size.

Includes a spectrum analyser.