Stereo Lag Time

This is an audio unit plugin that puts a small delay between the left and right channels.
Why would you want to do that? Here's why:
We recently saw a video interview of a very famous guitarist in which his guitar was delayed a few milliseconds in the right channel. It may have been caused by unusual microphone placement, or perhaps it was just an error on the part of the person who recorded the video. Whatever the reason for it, it sounded great. He was playing into a vintage amp with no other reverb or delay, but the sound had a wide stereo image that didn't sound electronic or artificial and didn't distort the natural sound of the amp. This is commonly known as Haas effect.
With most delay effects it's not so easy to get a precise, very small delay on just one channel, but this app does it with just one simple control.
In case you need to modulate the effect, this plugin smoothly transitions between different delay time settings, causing a pitch shift while the delay time is on the move toward its new setting.


It's a simple effect with just one control.

It produces a wide stereo image without distorting the audio.

The plugin is light on CPU and memory usage.

The delay time control can be modulated for a more interesting creative effect.

It offers micro-delays down to 1 sample and longer delays up to 1/4 of a second.